Agogo State College Shuts Down Amidst Students’ Riot


Authorities of Agogo State College in the Asante Akyem North District of the Ashanti Region have been forced to close down the school following students’ riot that has left several properties damaged.

The students who were protesting over water crisis and power cuts ended up vandalizing properties such as: school buses, streetlights, classroom blocks, Assistant Headmaster’s office and air conditioners.  22 were in the event arrested by the Police.

Addressing the students after the riot on Monday, September 24, the Asante Akyem North District Director of Education, Ernest Kojo Afari explained that, academic work was interrupted following the destruction hence the decision to shut down to make time to repair the damage done to properties.

 “As a result of the massive destruction that took place last night, it has become necessary to close down the school. The closure had become a necessary option for the following reasons: You destroyed all the streetlights; we need time to fix them. You destroyed plumbing installations, electricity transmissions have been interrupted and all other things you have destroyed we need at least three to four days to fix them,” he opined.

He further explained that, it would not be advisable to have students on campus while the damaged properties are being fixed hence the need to depart them home.

“It will be a threat to your own safety while those things are being fixed. So we are going to bring in plumbers, electricians and other engineers to come and fix all the things you destroyed. We also want to inform you that those repairs will be at your own expense and your parents. We are going to calculate and bill you,” he added. The school is however expected to resume on Saturday, October 6.


Source:Ghana/ Charles Akrofi



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