GGA Threat Is Empty – Prof. Baiden


Head of Operations for Royal Golf Club, Professor Isaac Baiden, has hit back at Ghana Golf Association (GGA) President, Mike Aggrey for his intentions to sanction the Kumasi outfit.

At the 85th edition of Ghana Open Golf Championship held at Tema Country Golf Club on September 21 and 22, 2018 between Friday and Saturday respectively, the GGA President, Mr Aggrey, in an exclusive Interview with Power Sports Editor, Nana Prempeh (The British Man), complained bitterly of how Royal Golf Club breached the Association’s rules and failed to participate in the tournament but rather staged a competition in Kumasi on the same weekend a national event of such nature was being held.

‘‘The GGA takes a huge exception the behavior of the Royal Golf Club for organizing a tournament at the time there’s an open, the constitution clearly states that you cannot stage a tournament except for a friendly event during an open. They’ve flaunted the rules and we will deal with them accordingly,’’ he revealed and threatened that the Aasantehene Osei Tutu II will hear of it.

But in a Sharp response by Professor Isaac Baiden on Power Sports Extra on Power FM 97.9 on Monday September 24, the Kumasi boss told Nana Prempeh (The British Man) that his outfit had done nothing wrong to warrant any sanction from the mother body and added that he was of the believe the GGA president’s threat was hollow.

“I will be very happy if this matter gets to Ashantehene… I will be extremely happy so that I can address it properly, and I know Ashantehene will understand it better. What President is saying is an empty threat there’s nothing he can do, he has no right to sanction anyone.

“He is the first president who could not organize Ghana Open last year and no one sanctioned him. He has no right to sanction anybody. He can take it wherever he wants to take it to and I will be happy to defend our actions appropriately…he should bring it on; I’m ready and I will explain myself to Asantehene,” he added.

“Our club does not have a president and a captain how then can he demand certain things from us? He quizzed.

However, Professor Baiden acknowledged the GGA’s invitation for the championship and made his members aware but added he did not know why most of them failed to turn up.

“They sent us the invitation and we notified our golfers but I just don’t know why golfers decided not to participate in the tournament, I can’t explain.

“I can’t explain why golfers could not come. The few I knew who are E.K Bonsu’s who wanted to partake with his friend could not because his friend was disqualified and Professor Intiful also traveled on the eve of the championship but he told me had informed the president about it. These are the individuals I have spoken to so far.’’

He also blamed the Association for failing to have regulations to curb such unfortunate problems.

“The whole problem is lack of regulation in the Golfing fraternity and I blame GGA. What is GGA doing to make sure that the Ordinary Golfer knows that whatever GGA says is final? I don’t see why GGA is blaming us, until there’s a nationwide policy to solve such problems we will always have such issues.’’


Story by: Joe Okyere/


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