Meghan Markle Stripping Pictures Could Be Used In Topless Kate Middleton Case In France


Pictures of Meghan Markle could be used in a French court case appealing the amount of compensation paid to Kate Middleton over topless photos. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge received ‘exaggerated’ compensation for the upset caused by pictures of Kate topless solely because they are Royal, French lawyers claim.

They are challenging the £92,000 awarded to the couple, saying the sum should be revised in line with routine privacy cases, where pay-outs are usually extremely low.

As part of the case they will point to images of the new Duchess of Sussex – including a video in which Meghan Markle removes her clothes while grilling meat – as proving modern titled women have used steamy body shots to promote themselves in the past.

It all means another hugely humiliating court process for the Royal Family, with an appeal set to start in the Versailles Appeal Court, west of Paris, on Wednesday this week. Defence evidence may also include alleged images of Meghan – Kate’s sister in law – exposing her breasts for the camera before her marriage to Prince Harry.

While Kensington Palace sources insist the beach photos were tampered with – and quite possibly stolen – they are widely available online, along with numerous other provocative images. The ‘Grilling Never Looked So Hot With Meghan Markle’ video shot for Men’s Health magazine remains on You Tube, as do the results of a number of modelling shoots, for example. In regards to the photos of Kate topless, six defendants appeared in the dock of Nanterre court, in the Paris suburbs, last September following five years of legal proceedings.

Judges ordered French Closer magazine to pay the majority of the damages in relation to the pictures of Kate and William relaxing at a Provence chateau owned by the Earl of Snowdon, the late Princess Margaret’s son, in September 2012. Long-lense cameras caught Kate wearing just a pair of bikini bottoms, with William at one stage rubbing sun cream into his wife’s skin. The editor of Closer magazine, Laurence Piea, 51, and Ernest Mauria, the 71-year-old director of the Mondadori group which publishes it, were fined £42,000 each. William and Kate wanted £1.4 million in compensation, but following the Nanterre payout, a Kensington Palace spokesman said they considered the case closed.

But Paul-Albert Iweins, for Closer, now says the fines were ‘exaggerated for a simple privacy matter’, in which French fines often amount to a token ‘principle’ sum amounting to less than £100. Counsel for those convicted also point to younger Royals increasingly acting like celebrities, and so inviting the kind of media scrutiny experiences by actors and sports stars. ‘They are happy with sexy photos of themselves when they are in control, but then claim huge amounts of money when they’re unauthorised,’ said one legal source involved in the case. ‘There’s ridiculous hypocrisy involved, and the outrageous compensation figure reflects this.’



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