Leave abusive relationships – Akosua Agyapong tells married women

Ghanaian singer, Akosua Agyapong, has admonished married women to freely quit their marriage when they are being mistreated by the person they love.

“If you’re in a marriage and it’s not working. Your husband doesn’t respect you, he abuses you, he doesn’t help you, tells you whatever he wants. Leave him,” Akosua Agyapong advised married women on the Legends on Sunday, July 5 2020.

In Ghana, for years, married women have suffered abuses in their martial homes due to several reasons. Be it psychological, emotional, financial or physical threats — rarely do they file for divorce.

Many continue to endure the violence marriage citing the marriage oath or the children’s sake (Thus, if there’s any) as basis to remain married regardless of the manace it poses.

Speaking with ace broadcaster Agyemang Prempeh famously called Agyemang Nie on TV XYZ, the ‘Meye Obaa’ hitmaker encouraged women to walk out of abusive relationships.

According to the multiple award-winning singer and songwriter, “I beg to say [that] if you’re divorcing let your children understand. Be truthful to the children, don’t lie to them. Let them know the reason for the separation of mummy and daddy.

“If he threatens to kill you leave the marriage. The pastor telling you for better for worse so you continue to remain in the marriage is gone after saying. It’s left with you and your husband. In the night, he will beat you again. I know what I’m saying.”

When asked if she was endorsing divorce in a nice way, she strongly dispelled but stated unambiguously that, “I mean if he abuses you, there’s no respect, and he threatens to murder you. Please leave because many people have died

The famed female singer made these remarks when asked to advice couples contemplating on divorce

Earlier, she had asked couples to make curious efforts to help sustain their relationships.

“Marriage isn’t just about the real ring. If you look at the M.A.R.R.I.A.G.E” Akosua Agyapong said, adding, “M, denotes maturity, if you aren’t mature you cannot get married. A, means you’ve to assure yourself. R, means be ready for everything in the marriage. The other R, implies you’ve to respect each other. I, represents don’t ignore the things you see. The other A means accept the person just the way he or she is. G, you need a guarantee. E, means you’ve to entertain everyone who comes to the marriage. Your in-laws.”

“Marriage people I beg to say the sirens doesn’t mean getting ten or more bride’s maids. That’s not necessary. Understanding, trust is vital. Don’t compare your marriage to others. Someone says my husband gives me GHs100 chop money. So my husband gives me GHS20 I’m using it as yardstick to divorce. You don’t know what marriage is about,” the legendary singer advised.

By: Bernard Ralph Adams/mypowerfmonline.com/Ghana 

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