5 Most famous quotes by Jerry Rawlings

In the early hours of Thursday, November 12, 2020, the former charismatic Ghanaian chief was declared dead. He still remains the cause of his death as some speculative hed of the dreaded Covid-19 though he died from a heart arrest in some circles.

Meanwhile, let’s some of the memorable quotes he left us that will make us miss him the more.

  1. “I, Rawlings will not turn round and commit the very crime for which another man lost his life.”

  2. “Democracy is not realized merely by having a machinery for registering voters and getting them to vote every four years, but also by there being a machinery for identifying the needs of those voters in between the election periods, and monitoring the realization of those needs.”

  3. “It is not the absence of military interventions, which we seem to have achieved that will restore democracy, freedom, justice, and development. What is required is the integrity of leadership and the ability to empower the people. Leadership should have confidence in our people and not feel intimidated by empowering them.”

  4. “The test of religious belief is not in pious platitudes and cautious charity, but in positive and creative action.”

  5. “Food is a political weapon…Africa’s foremost defense is self-sufficiency in food. Until we attain a substantial measure of freedom from food dependency, we are vulnerable to manipulation by the wealthier nations.”

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