A Plea For Good Breath: How Waste Water Affects Residents At Odorkor

The stretch of dirty running water around Darkuman junction on the Odorkor- Kaneshie highway has become an obvious health hazard the area which is considered one of the fastest growing areas of the Accra Metropolis.

The stenchy, human waste-dissolved water that runs along the highway has made breathing unbearable for residents, hawkers and commuters.

XYZ News’ Charles Akrofi who visited the area on Monday reported that almost everybody in the area had covered their nostrils with handkerchiefs or pieces of cloth to prevent them from inhaling the pungent smell that emanated from the running water.

“This drain has overflooded its banks and has eventually covered the main Odorkor-Kaneshie highway,” reported Charles on the Morning Xpress on Tuesday Morning.

Residents have had to deal with the unbearable situation that has persisted for over a year. Those that live in the area told Charles all efforts to get city authorities to respond to it has proved futile, leaving them to health risks.

The stench from the running water that is usually splashed on vendors by moving vehicles has also affected business activities around the scene, particularly food vendors who have said the situation has become a life threatening one.

“Nobody comes here to buy our food,” said one vendor. Another worried seller who appealed to authorities to fix the drains said:”because of the stench, our businesses have been affected. Those who used to buy from us have stopped and we are running at loss, and from the proceeds of this business, i take care of my kids.”

Charles Akrofi, who further spent time at the location and gauged the mood of the residents, said construction work that was aimed at fixing the mess had stalled and the drains had been choked from chemical and human waste.

“Its not just waste water. You have human waste and chemical waste from the mortuary here,” a frustrated resident said pointing to a nearby mortuary whose waste also run over the gutter onto the streets.

Another resident blamed the Member of Parliament (MP) for Ablekuma North, Akua Owusu Afriyie, for neglecting the situation.

“I personally called the MP and she promised in January it will be done but she’s never been here,” she added.

Some drivers who spoke to XYZ News bemoaned the neglect of the drains by authorities and said they could be exposed to diseases if the problem persists.


Source: Ghana/myxyzonline.com/93.1MHZ

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