A/R: Irate Residents Besiege Suame Police Station

Residents of Ohwimase have angrily attacked the Suame Police Station in the Ashanti region after a resident was shot dead Thursday morning.

According to the residents, their colleague was gunned down by a policeman with the Operation Calm Life team attached to the Suame station.

They claim that the youngman who was on a motorbike was killed after he failed to stop when he was ordered by the Police officer to do so.

The incident happened Thursday when the police went on a swoop in some suspected criminal dens in an area called Tafo 4 corners.

The residents are demanding that the police gives an explanation and produces the body of the deceased whom they claim did nothing wrong.

According to Ultimate FM’s News Editor, Julius Caesar Anadem, the residents are accusing the Police of being trigger-happy adding that the youngman did nothing to warrant him being shot.

The presence of a joint military and police team at the police station, however, prevented the residents from vandalising any property or attacking the officers on duty.


Source: Ghana/Starrfm

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