AFAG Welcomes EC Shake-Up

Pro NPP pressure group, Alliance for Accountable Governance, which pestered former EC boss seem to be in bed or comfortable with the Nana Addo led government appointed Jean Mensah. AFAG in a statement said it welcomes the news about the decision by the Electoral Commission of Ghana to restructure and realign many of the departments of the institution to among others ensure efficiency and prompt responses to emerging issues.

It observed that since its formation, the Electoral Commission has performed its duty of ensuring and organising regular, free and fair elections and referenda [as has happened recently with the creation of the six (6) new regions], revises and update voter register and attend to election complaints arising before and during polling among many others.

“It is said that an organization is on the road to success when change is part of its nature. Every organization is believed to have two organizational structures: the first is the formal one written on the charts; the other is the everyday relationship of the men and women who run the daily affairs of the organization.’

AFAG said it acknowledged EC’s plan to in the coming months, reorganize its internal structures to a path towards long-term productivity and to minimize the possibility of past distasteful situations reoccurring.

That notwithstanding, AFAG and by extension Ghanaians are interested in two fundamental concerns;

1. What should stakeholders expect after the completion of the reforms?

2. A roadmap for the involvement of major stakeholders.


AFAG leadership

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