Agyemang Prempeh launches campaign against telenovelas

Ace broadcaster Agyemang Prempeh has begun a campaign against the dominance of foreign movies in the media space.

The campaign is aimed at getting Ghanaian television stations to prioritize local movies over foreign movies.

The campaign also focuses on compelling Parliament to pass a bill to give the regulatory bodies the authority to stop local television stations from airing foreign movies on prime time.

The senior broadcast journalist with XYZ Broadcasting Company Limited-owned Power 97.9FM bemoaned the infux of soap operas on our screens.

“Since telenovelas dominated our airwaves I have not aired my concerns publicly. This week while doing channel surfing it got to one of these television stations where they were airing a promo ad for a new telenovela.

“I saw and heard Indians speaking Twi. Suddenly, I heard one say ‘Shatta Wale’. Ghanaians why are we like this? Why transcribe foreign series into the Twi language and we seem to be okay with it?”

“Why don’t we use black filmmakers for movies on our screens and speak the Twi language too, than we transcribing foreign series for White people to speak Twi?”

“Can’t we, as Ghanaians, shoot our own telenovelas?” he quizzed.

Mr. Agyemang observed that the youths are being negatively influenced by these contents and believes that the time has come for action.

He called for a complete boycott of Ghanaian television stations airing foreign telenovelas at the expense of the Ghanaian movie industry.

Dubbed #StopShowingTelenovelasOnOurScreens, Agyemang Prempeh wants citizens to join the campaign because it is a menace which is slowly taking away our cherished cultural values and traditions.

As an industry player, Mr. Agyemang Prempeh said, he cannot sit aloof, hence the need to lead this fight to ensure that a bill is passed to protect our culture.

Effect of foreign telenovelas

Within a twinkle of an eye, these telenovelas have gained prominence in the Ghanaian media. These fictional movies command high patronage from both adults and children.

A research conducted by myxyzonline.com reveals that soap operas on our screens have done more harm than good despite its advertisement benefits to television owners due to its high viewership

According to our findings, the story lines of these soap operas have undoubtedly shaped viewers’ outlook negatively.

Low patronage of local movies, demonization of our culture, divorce, fallen standards of education and introduction of mature content to young audiences are among the effect of foreign soap operas on the Ghanaian people.

By: Bernard Ralph Adams/ myxyzonline.com / Ghana

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