Alexander Osei Aboagye urges filmmakers to tell local stories

Programs and production manager at XYZ Broadcasting Limited, Alexander Osei Aboagye, has urged filmmakers’ in the country to tell local stories.

The renowned production manager indicated that there is a need to project our culture in our movies.

In a soon-to-be-released interview with myxyzonline.com about the movie industry, he said ‘’Like I intimated a few months ago we [filmmakers] need to sit up’’.

‘’Let’s create our own stories and stop trying to make us feel like foreigners, it’s about time film industry players start thinking about creating our own stories’’ he said.

When asked about his take on the influx of telenovelas, he registered displeasure about the whole development.

‘’The acceptance of foreign culture on our air space will impact negatively on our current generation. Imagine watching a movie which you which you know very well that this is foreign and can’t relate to’’

He was optimistic that once filmmakers start churning out quality local movies the industry will make progress and drive out the telenovelas.

Aboagye alluded that projecting our culture and values in movies will preserve our culture and traditions.

‘’Let’s build a better Ghana through our movies, music and other creative arts’’ he said adding ‘’That is how America did using Hollywood to market America and made it attractive’’

He added that ‘’Ghana has rich culture with a lot of stories we can tell. Even our own Kweku Ananse stories, I think we can tell it better in our movies”


Source; myxyzonline.com/Ghana

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