Amasaman Police Beatings…..Over 20 Suspects Arrested

Sergeant Atta Mahama SWAT Unit of the Ghana Police Service, was beaten to pulp by an irate youth at Amanasama in the Ga West Municipality of the Greater Accra region. There are conflicting reports about what triggered the mob action but in a short video, some members of the community are seen crying out for help to save the officer.

The video which went viral over the weekend has sparked public debate amidst concern about the increasing threats of uniformed Police officer by civilians.

According to a section of residents, the helpless officer was rescued by some elders of the community as the youth including women were pummeling him with life-threatening objects which left him bleeding from the nose.

The latest is that the Police have moved in and over 20 , mostly youth of Amasaman, a suburb of Accra, who assaulted Sergeant Atta Mahama SWAT Unit have been arrested.

The suspects who are currently undergoing screening according to XYZ News sources were arrested at various locations last night.

Amasaman Divisional Police Command says those found guilty will be charged and aarraigned before court immediately.

It would be recalled that in March this year, a driver and his mate subjected a Police officer to severe beatings. The video which went viral on social media showed the policeman in a helmet was seen in the less than one-minute exchanging blows with his attackers who were punching him as he tried to defend himself with the voice of bystanders asking persons trying to separate the fight to allow the law enforcer to receive some sound beatings.

Another incident was recorded in the Bono region where the youth fighting over the Kintampo Water Falls tried to set the Police station ablaze to free suspects.
Several of such cases have been recorded in the past.



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