Archipalago ‘attacks’ Medikal for claiming he saved rap music from dying

Controversial social media commentator Archipalago has lashed out at Medikal for saying he has made rap music lively in Ghana for the past four years

It was reported earlier that the “Omo Ada” hitmaker in a recent tweet bodily stated that his consistency in the rap game has saved the dying music industry.

He again stated categorically that he will continue to hold on to the rap music to save it from dying.

His comment was greeted with mixed reactions on social media. Whilst section of the public, especially his fans and followers wholly agree with him. Others have been raining insults on him.

The latest to comment is US-based Ghanaian, Archipalago.

Speaking in a video making rounds on the internet, Archipalago told Medikal to shut up, learn sense, stop the tomfoolery behaviour and focus on his commercial music.

He indicated that songs released by the AMG Business recording artiste are not rap music but danceable songs.

Mentioning songs like ‘Omo Ada’, ‘Woto Nono’, ‘Wrowroho’ to buttress his point, Archipalago stressed and concluded that Medikal does not do rap music, instead danceable songs.

Watch The Video Below:

Source: Ghana/mypowerfmonline.com/97.9MHz

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