Are footballers womanizers? John Paintsil explains why people think so

They are famous, wealthy, and above all – remarkably-talented. However, often times they are easily interchanged with womanizers as some claim their rise to fame comes with some real horror stories.

Are footballers womanizers?

Former Ghana International, John Paintsil, has come out to explain why majority of people think footballers are promiscuous and philandering men.

In an interview with TV XYZ, the 39-year-old retired defender believes such allegations against footballers does not hold water and has no empirical evidence either.

“You know women are people once they like something, they like it. So most women when we, [footballers] are playing football, they will be screaming, when they meet you in public how they’ll act is like; she’s about to hug you, take a picture with you and other things. Footballers too, we like that, we like those who are fans of our profession. And when it comes to men, few cheers us up,” he told Agyemang Prempeh on the Legends programme.

To buttress his point, the erstwhile West Ham United full-back cites a real-life time example and concludes the long-held notion footballers are womanizers is just a postulation.

“You will see a man with his girlfriend. Then, she meets John Paintsil, John Mensah or Stephen Appiah (is not like she likes him but,) she’ll rush to the footballer. They see him on TV. When this happens the man she’s walking with would be jealous, it’s normal. So, that’s why they conclude footballers like women.”

Though he fathers five children with multiple women — married, divorced and re-married, Paintsil maintains he’s not a Casanova adding that he respects “myself and women” and as such, he will never indulge in promiscuity lifestyle.

By: Bernard Ralph Adams/ Ghana

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