[Article] NADAA virus worse than Covid -19

It is often said that leaders lead , but have you wondered about the where some of them lead us to? Ghana has seen many shades of leadership from independence till date, and each shade leaves us an impression.

He started knocking on the doors of leadership of this country from 1996, 2008, came back in 2012 and we finally tried him in 2016.

Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo–a name when abbreviated gives you ‘NADAA’, which in Akan means deception– was packaged by his spin doctors as a man true to his words, a freedom fighter, a human rights advocate and above all a lawyer of class.

NADAA on the campaign trail re-echoed all these attributes as he planted several breathtaking promises in the minds of many Ghanaians, especially in the run up to the 2016 elections. From free SHS, One district one factory, one village one dam,one million dollar per constituency to his pledge to turn the fortunes of the country around overnight and make the economy stronger than the country has ever witnessed.

A number of right thinking Ghanaians sought to question these promises but their voices were drowned by the jeers that accompanied the sweetness of these gargantuan promises which was garnished with a promise not to borrow to develop the country.

When the mantle fell on him, his own criticism of the Mahama administration of being incompetent slapped him literally on the day of his inauguration as his speech writers exposed the fact that the words he spoke were never his own. Be it as it may, his instructive statement that we should be citizens and not spectators became the measuring rod . From 2017 till date , the Akufo-Addo administration has portrayed nothing but the colours of the name NADAA– deception.

The 350 senior high schools he pledged to build from scratch are nowhere to be found. His elephant size government ie: number presidential staffers and ministers expose the deception in his criticism of the Mahama government .

His much touted one village, one dam which was to improve irrigation farming in the northern part of the country became nothing but a mere dug out that became a venue for the opposition NDC to hold their press conference to expose NADAA’s lies.

Factories were never built but a stimulus package from government for existing factories like Unijay and signage that read one district one factory comfortably replaced the promise of building a factory in every district. The One million dollar for every constituency channeled through the Special Development Initiative Ministry turned out to be the construction of some toilet facilities to hoodwink the voting populace, claiming the toilet facilities were ultra-modern and the first of its kind hence Ghanaians should sing praises unto the NPP Government.

As the the country battles with the COVID-19 pandemic just like many around the world , the NADAA virus continues to reek havoc as monies meant to cater for the vulnerable in these times remain unaccounted for. A government that criticized the previous administration of running to the IMF was the first to run to them when COVID-19 struck, simply because apart from the stabilization fund left by the Mahama government, there was no money to fall on.

As a result of NADAA, Ghana lost a golden opportunity to have the US invest in the energy sector, thanks to the family and friends PDS fiasco.

The NADAA virus is deadly as it has brought hardship to many while NADAA himself continues to make fresh promises.

Ogya Nana Ntsiful

A citizen, not a spectator.

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