Ashanti youth challenge Akufo-Addo’s ghost projects in the region

The Concerned Ashanti Youth has taken President Akufo-Addo to the cleaners for deceiving the region again that he has done thousands of projects in the region. They are more livid that the President told such disgraceful lies to the Asantehene whose wise counsel to him he and his Akyem chiefs misrepresented during a durbar at Kyebi last week.

Akufo-Addo during his last visit to Asanteman told the Asantehene that his government has initiated one thousand eight hundred and fifty-two (1,852) projects out of which he completed six hundred and twenty five (625).  The group was not enthused about the dodgy behaviour of President Akufo-Addo in being petty at such an august meeting. They alleged that Akufo-Addo disrespectfully lied to the Asantehene and Asanteman that he has delivered all the promises he made to Asanteman in 2016. The leader of the group in a radio interview on Ahotor Fm recounted the promises Akufo-Addo made in 2016 which he did not fulfil but lied that he did.

According to the group, the President has no moral right to claim any credit from the region. The argued vehemently that Akufo-Addo did not deserve listening to because of the failed promises. They stated he promised to build an interchange at Anloga Junction but failed; he promised to build same at Suame roundabout which will be more beautiful than the Circle interchange in Accra but failed; the Bekwai roundabout he promised cannot be found among others.

In contrast, the group noted former President Mahama significantly fulfilled the promises he made to Asanteman. They mentioned the Military hospital at Aferi, the Kejetia market, the Bekwai health infrastructure, the Adobewura E-Block, the Kumawu hospital, the Kumawu and Konongo water projects among others.

The group was sad that the NDC that the region hardly votes for did all these for them while their own NPP has disgracefully fallen short of expectation, and asked why they should even consider voting for them again.

The concerned youth considered Akufo-Addo’s interaction with the Asantehene as an insult to the people in the region as he was evasive and deceptive. They did not understand how a sitting president will be telling the Asantehene the number of Ashantis in his government as if that also was a development project he promised. They asked if Akufo-Addo thinks the Asantehene is so lousy not to know his subjects appointed into government. Even with that, one would be wondering whether the ‘high’ number of Ashanti appointees he boasted of should not translate into fulfilment of the promises made to them.

“For Asanteman, we don’t forget any good done to us. I am in Asanteman, whatever you did in other places I do not not need judgement on them; go and tell Asanteman news about the works you claimed you did in the Ashanti region, if your works are convincing Asanteman will vote for you” the King advised. This simple wisdom did not catch the intelligence of Akufo-Addo and his NPP who quickly went out to spin this warning given them to fool people to believe the Asantehene endorsed him. Even the chief of Kyebi, Amoatia Ofori Panyin II joined in this shameful misunderstanding, claiming his Akyem folks will follow suit to give Akufo-Addo another term.

Furthermore, the youth noted that the derisive sod-cutting spree on which the President is embarking on is an embarrassment to the region. They stressed there is no basis to believe that cutting sods three months to the end of your term will materialize when in more than three years he could not carry out even one project for them.

The greatest insult that concerned the youth is the fact that Akufo-Addo carried his own chair in a V8 to Manhyia tacitly telling Asanteman they have no fitting seat to offer him to sit on during his visit. They also lamented the poor nature of roads in the region while the Kyebi roads, the Anyinam to Kwabeng and Amoako Atta’s hometown roads and even the Kyebi cemetery were constructed with urgency.

To this end the Concerned Ashanti Youth have realized Akufo Addo has paid worrying lip service to rewarding their votes for the NPP; they will, therefore, show him that they are the ‘President-makers’ in the upcoming December elections.


By: Cyril Duodu & Attractive Mustapha|


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