Avoid ‘skirt and blouse’ voting – Alhaji Sinare to Hohoe residents

A National Vice Chairman of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Alhaji Said Sinare has cautioned residents of the Hohoe constituency in the Volta region to desist from voting ‘skirt and blouse’ in the upcoming election.

The NDC stalwart said grounds are fertile for the NDC flagbearer, Mr John Mahama, to win the 2020 elections hence it will be unproductive for electorates to vote for a parliamentary candidate from a different party.

Alhaji Sinare, a former Ghana’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, said Hohoe will see the development they envisage only if they vote for Mr John Mahama and the NDC parliamentary candidate, Prof. Margaret Kweku.

Addressing a gathering of party supporters over the weekend at Hohoe, Alhaji Sinare said the NDC candidate was competent enough to put the constituency on the right track when voted to Parliament, urging the people not to be brainwashed by Energy Minister Peter Amewu who is alleged to have commenced a campaign for the people to vote for him as MP for the area and John Mahama as president.

Alhaji Sinare observed the vote buying strategy of the NPP in the area but hastened that they people will end up selling their development if they fall for the goodies being shared by Amewu and vote him to power.

He further urged the residents to continue their loyalty for the NDC and have trust in the leadership of John Mahama and Prof. Kweku who have demonstrated their commitment to creating sustainable jobs for the people.

Touching on some policies in the NDC’s 2020 manifesto such as free apprenticeship, the expansion of the free shs policy to private schools and support for small businesses, Alhaji Sinare said the only “saviour” for the people was the NDC’s 2020 ticket, and appealed to the people to remain united and resolute ahead of the December victor of the NDC.

Touring some Zongo communities in the area, Mr Sinare asked the youth to protect the  ballots and demanded that they do that with vigilance, explaining that the NPP had planned to use all means to ro the people of their verdict.

“Don’t give the NPP a blank cheque,” he said while advising polling agents to be vigilant so the election results are not altered to favour the NPP.

” Its clear that if we the NDC members are vigilant on that day then victory is assured on 7th December because John Mahama is the man to rescue this nation from this wicked and  corrupt government,” he added.

In conclusion, Alhaji Sinare asked party members to propagate the message of the NDC through door-to-door campaign to get the people to better understand the John Mahama message for Ghanaians ahead of the polls.


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