Bessa to Parties: Don’t Victimize Musicians over Campaign Songs

The Acting President of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA), Bessa Simons, has called on the various political parties to stop stereotyping musicians who compose campaign songs for opponent parties.

Mr. Simons said victimazing musicians who churn out songs for rival political parties is out of date and politicians should refrain from the uncivilized act.

“Like how?” He asked, adding, “it’s not logical. I mean, why did you hire the musician’s service? The musician came to work for you, you have paid him or her. Someone has also employed the service of another musician. I plead with you that victimazation is outmoded.”

In Ghana, celebrity endorsements in politics is not new. Some celebrities compose songs in their bid to “win more souls” for their preferred candidates or political parties.

These celebrities, who are believed to have huge following, often times come under intense criticism from a section of Ghanaians for openly declaring support for political parties.

Several celebrities including Mr. Beautiful, John Dumelo, Maame Dokono, Mzbel, Lucky Mensah and a host of others have suffered this fate.

In a conversation with TV XYZ, Uncle Bessa said, “It’s a job they are doing for them. I’m glad you’ve raised this issue, politicians please when my musicians compose campaign songs for you party A, B, or C don’t hold it against them. Pay them that’s where it ends. He or she is done composing the song, use it for your campaign. But no party should hold anything against any musician.”

“I know a lot of people who have recorded songs for political parties they don’t belong to,” he disclosed on Legends programme, a personality based talk show hosted by Agyemang Prempeh.

He added, “I’m sure the politicians are watching as I speak, I plead with you, when a musician composes a song for you, he or she worked, don’t victimize him or her.”

Bessa Simons also asked musicians to report such politicians to the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) to be dealt with professionally.

“Musicians when you churn out songs for them make sure you’re paid well. After that is it. Report any politician to MUSIGA and we’ll deal with that person.”

By: Bernard Ralph Adams/Mypowerfmonline.com /Ghana

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