Cash For Seat Saga: “We Would Not Be Part Of A Gargantuan Cover-up”

Minority held a press conference to respond to the issues surrounding the debate of the Cash-for-Seat Saga. Minority Leader, Hon. Haruna Iddrisu kicked start the conference by saying they did not associate with the debate because they did not want to engage in a cover-up.

“If you see the minority disassociate themselves from it , it is because we are convinced beyond any shadow of doubt, that justice is not being served and we would not be part of a gargantuan cover-up.”

He said he would leave out the specifics of matter so that Dr. Ayini, who is a member of the committee together with the deputy leader would go into the merits of this particular issue.

Haruna Iddrisu believes also that “there are interesting times ahead.” In his view if it were to be the Majority in such predicaments then there is no infringement at play but when it has to do with others being involved there is an infringement.

Hon. Haruna Iddrisu also stated that “we had agreed that on 31st, your committee was supposed to meet to look into the matter which was declined. The Ghanaian public should be asking the majority why they are in a hurry on this matter. In a matter which demonstrates our resolve to improve the transparency and accountability of government.”

He concluded cautioning the majority that they are not going to be a part of this said report unless the majority presents statements of account to the house. “Let them go and produce a bank account of the Millennium Excellence foundation and Ministry of trade for reconciliation and we can now discuss what they consider as a report. Without that we cannot be part of any report.”

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