Chinese Movie Week Launched In Accra

Chinese Movie Week has been launched in Accra with a call on Ghanaian players in the movie industry to showcase the true Ghanaian culture in their movies to attract foreign investors.

The Acting Director General of the GBC, Augustin Yamson described the conventional show of fetishism, witchcrafts and ghost in local movies as unacceptable and described them as a deviation from the true Ghanaian culture.

He urged producers and writers of local movie scripts to base their story lines on actual Ghanaian culture to promote it.

The Chinese Ambassador to Ghana, Sun Baohong said ten series of Chinese television dramas and 52 films will be selected and translated into six mainstream African languages and showed every year.

She added that more outstanding Ghanaian movies will be showed in China to make them abreast of the Ghanaian culture.

As part of the celebration, seven current Chinese movies will be showed on GTV to help Ghanaians appreciate the unique Chinese historical traditions and cultural heritage.

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