Christians Urged To Do The Right Thing

Man Godee has told Christians to avoid succumbing to the temptation of wrongdoing. He said the holy scriptures teaches us to be honest people.

He told listeners of his Heavens Train show on Power FM on Sunday that Christians, especially pastors who serve as representatives of God on earth must live an exemplary life for their congregation and the world to follow.

The popular radio broadcaster speaking on the theme “Do The Right Thing” warned Christians to be mindful of the end.

“You pay for everything you’re doing” he said

According to the Authentic Man, most Ghanaian preachers are doing the complete opposite of what the Holy Bible wants us as Christians to be doing.

He added “One Kumasi pastor and an Accra preacher are at loggerheads and instead of them to find a way to solve the issue amicably, they have employed the services of their junior pastors to trade in words with each othe on their behalf”

Christened Godfred Darkwah Jr continued to express his disappointment in the renowned pastors for engaging in brawl.

“I’m very disappointed pastors in this country are doing this thing on live TV, our Muslim brothers wouldn’t be doing this, they understand themselves and more united” he indicated

In his view, the average Ghanaian hates to be told the naked truth and always wants to be deceived – he attacks anyone who preaches the undiluted word of God.

He again added that pastors and politicians are not honest people, they have all failed us as they keep telling us lies.

Man Godee concluded that as Christians, they are expected do the right things because at the end there shall be judgement.


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