‘Compiling new register could spark violence’ – Otokunor warns EC

A Deputy General Secretary of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Peter Boamah Otokunor has said the Electoral Commission (EC) will be engaging in illegality should it continue with the decision to compile a new voters’ register.

He said this will also invite constitutional crisis and spell doom for the country because a new voter’s register needs ample time to be compiled and tested.

The Electoral Commission has said, it remains resolute on its decision to compile a new voters’ register for this year’s general elections slated for December, 7 this year.

A statement issued by its Acting Director of Public Affairs, Mrs Sylvia Annor said, no force can stop or antagonize the commssion from carrying out its mandate.

But in an interview on Power FM’s Dwaboase progamme, Mr. Otokunor said the registration exercise needs not less than two months due to inadequate equipments at the EC’s disposal after which, an additional three months is needed to do re-duplication to clean the register of double registration according to the CI 91 which the EC works with.

He also stated, it is after this that the provisional register can be gazetted followed by other processes making the compilation of a new voters’ register impossible.

“If they make up their mind to do a new register, it will amount to illegality and a constitutional breach which most people will not understand and that could plunge the country into chaos. Because you need not than two months to register eligible voters since the EC has only 8,000 equipments for the exercise which is woefully inadequate due to this, there is the need to extend the registration period to enable more people to register. Now the CI91 says after the registration, you have three months to do re-duplication to clean the register of double names after which, a provisional register will be announced, then exhibition of the register will also take two weeks, adjudication committee will also have to probe and sit on issues relating to the registration after which a certified register would be published and it is only then that you can issue the writ of election,” he expatiated.

The  NDC deputy scribes further stated the new constitutional Instrument (CI) laid  in Parliament by the Electoral Commission on the new register is the highest form of robbery intended by the president and the EC Chairperson, Jean Mensah and thus called on all well meaning Ghanaians to speak up against the posture of the EC to avert a possible chaos in the country.

” Civil Society Organisations and respectable individuals in the country have all advised against the new voters’ register therefore the need for the EC to be brought to order,” he argued.

“The Imminent Advisors of the EC need to rise and protect the peace of the country since if it allows the EC to have its way by compiling a new voters’ register and any violence erupt in the country, they will be blamed for it and I’m sure they will not allow that to happen, ” he added.


By: Nana Yaa O. Amanfo/myxyzonline.com

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