Constant Research Is Key To Success – Crown Prince MD

The Managing Director of Crown Prince Academy (CPA), Mrs Belief Amponi-Kagson, has urged her 15th graduation students to constantly research to remain relevant in their academic and future professional endeavors.

According to her, the continuous competition in Ghana’s educational system will amount to little advancement if students do not take it upon themselves to research beyond the classrooms.

She made this known at the school’s 15th graduation ceremony in Accra which saw 55 students pass out.

Delivering her speech at the ceremony, Mrs Amponi-Kagson asked the students to be determined so they can achieve whatever goals they set. “The next advise is about determination. You must go the distance and never quit. Determination will get you further than talent”.

She added: “Value small things. Let me quote again from Joyce Meyers book: ‘Don’t despise the days of small beginnings. Those small beginnings are usually all we can handle at a time. God will give you more money when he knows you are ready’. Enjoy every step of the journey”.

About CPA

Established on 23rd of August 1993 by Mr. & Mrs. Prince-Boateng, Crown Prince Academy aims to provide every student with a holistic learning experience.  We believe that every child is unique, and this belief is seen in our approach to teaching.

Its goal is to provide a holistic experience for students, equipping them to become future leaders of the world.

With initially only 5 students and 2 teachers, CPA has shown consistent growth over the years, and now houses over 748 students with 64  teaching staff and 38 non-teaching staff.

It has graduated 1,277 students since commencing.

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