Contractors Engaged By PDS Demand Payment For Finished Projects

Some contractors who were engaged by the former managers of the country’s electricity grid, Power Distribution Services (PDS) say they haven’t been paid for jobs they carried out since 2019.

Government announced the termination of its power concession agreement with PDS over claims of fraud in the deal.

The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has since resumed operations as the country’s power distributor.

This situation has left the fate of these contractors hanging in a balance as they seek to get paid for services they rendered to the erstwhile entity.

Some of these contractors claim they are owed in excess of GHS200,000.

Speaking to Citi News, they indicated that the situation has negatively affected their economic wellbeing.

A lady cried, “My money which I used for it is the same money I use to take care of my children. Even though there is no school now, that is the money I’m using to feed us and all. But now, I can’t do anything. I’m even selling iced water because of the delay in payment of the money. I even went for a loan but it’s been about a year now so even if I get the money now, I wouldn’t even get anything out of it.”

One gentleman also said, “We finished the work in October and went for inspection. After, they cleared us for us to be paid. Up till now, they haven’t paid. So we are pleading with the government to pay us. As at now, my marriage is broken. The woman has left me with four children and I have to take care of them. Everything is in a mess now. So we are pleading to the President to step in so they pay us.”

Meanwhile, Citi News’ checks with the management of ECG indicates that processes have begun to resolve the challenge.

ECG’s promise to PDS workers

Following the government’s termination of the PDS concession agreement, ECG gave assurances that staff of the previous power distribution company will not be worse off working for them.

The company said it will strive to ensure that the conditions enjoyed by the staff of PDS will not be taken away from them.

The Public Relations Officer of ECG, Daniel Adjei Larbi in a Citi News interview said ECG will comply with labour laws and ensure that all salaries and entitlements enjoyed by the PDS staff are maintained.


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