Dada Boat: Why I Wasn’t Successful At Adom FM

Media mogul, Dada Boat, born, Mikki Osei Berko, has told TV XYZ in an exclusive interview why he performed abysmally when he hosted Adom FM’s late afternoon programme, Ofie Kwanso.

In the hour long conversation which aired on Sunday, 20 September 2020 on the Osu-based television channel, the ace broadcaster gave a chilling account of events leading to the ‘poor’ performance.

“My Mother was aging and I wanted to keep an eye on her. So when Adom FM came into the the picture they wanted me to return home to work with them, I obliged,” he said.

When Abeiku Santana left the station to join newly-established Okay FM a huge vacuum was created — the station needed a prefect replacement to beat the sturdy competition in Accra.

The station had recruited top presenters from across the country for such purpose, but the attempt was proven futile.

Eddie K, Dr. Prekese and Dr. Asanka all tried their best to get the Adom FM’s flagship programme back on its feet but it did not yield any positive results.

Management thought of a plan — they offered a juicy deal to get the man who prefers to be called Ote Kokoso Nana who was then in the United Kingdom back home to do what he did on Radio Gold in the late 90s to increase the Adom FM’s listenership rate to a good pedestal..

However, just about three months into hosting the Ofie Kwanso show they thought he was not pulling in the numbers they required and that he wasn’t keeping up with the challenge from Okay FM, Peace FM, etc, and therefore had to let him go. Jerry Justice then stepped in.

Dada Boat describes working with the Multimedia Group Limited owned mass market station broadcasting in the Akan language as his “biggest depression”.


Possibly known to staff and unknown to listeners of Adom FM, Mikki divulged the then Programmes Director of the station was a thorn in the flesh during his stint with the media house.

According to Mikki, he had no production team hence making work tedious for him but the programmes manager wasn’t ready to find solution to the problem.

“There was a Programmes Director, Nana Appiah-Nti or so, you know, I started complaining about production, I know Multimedia I thought the system of governance at Joy FM, how professional Joy FM is being run is same at Adom FM. So I came with that mentality but when I got there I discovered Adom’s own is different from Joy FM. I’m not afraid to say that, that is how I see it. My personal observation,” Mikki mentioned.

Citing an instance the programmes director showed his unwillingness to help him succeed, he said, “I can’t ask my programmes director when I returned they [Adom FM], promised to get me production team and the answer he gave me was, ‘you Mikki the whopping amount we’re paying you some people have worked here for five years and they don’t earn that amount of money, if you earn such you still want production team’ that is what he told me.”

Speaking to Agyemang Prempeh on the personality-based television talk show, Legends programme, Dada Boat accused some of his colleagues of sabotaging him.

“I felt being there wasn’t good in some people’s interest. I don’t know how to explain it. I felt some workers, especially the programmes director because he purported that my show wasn’t strong. Someone who had taken over [a show] for barely three weeks to one month. I could meet people in front of Joy FM’s premises and they say, ‘we didn’t know you were in Ghana’

“I mean I had not had enough time to settle down in the country. I left for seven years and I had retuned for a month and started radio for one month.”

Shouting On Radio

He partially attributes his unsuccessful attempt to make a name for himself on Adom FM to his decision to uphold the ethics of journalism in high esteem.

Master Richard intimated that his stay in the UK and studies abroad made him realized shouting on radio is obsolete, hence avoided doing such when he was given the opportunity to host the afternoon drive on the station that has ‘YɛYɛ Tough’ as its tagline.

“It wasn’t professionalism. I had listened to the BBC. I didn’t do the BBC kind of journalism on Adom FM. But, I still think there is a niche in the market most of the radio stations do not take advantage of.”

That niche, in the market, the one time assemblyman for the Ayidiki electoral area, Accra Newtown, explained, “Someone wants to listen to Twi radio but he or she is shrewd. Most of the time those who do Twi presentation think ignorant people listen to them. They talk anyhow, cracking jokes during news presentation. I think still we will speak Twi but with the same professionalism like Joy FM does its English presentation. That niche of the market, I think it is still available.”

The ace broadcaster and the brain behind Kente Radio, a Pan-African online radio station operating from London, United Kingdom, did not rule out the possibility he could not deliver as expected since, perhaps, management of the radio station thought his fame could possibly get Ghanaians tuned in.

“I do not know if that played a role because the radio I was doing here before I went [to London] I came to realize it was absurd.”


Talking about the termination of his contract, he mentioned that, “at a point I had a problem with the same programmes director – we had an argument and a meeting was scheduled in that regard. The whole issue was depressing me I got more upset. Then, they made me take a week leave.” 

He continued, “I travelled, I haven’t settled since I returned, that time I had no where living, I had no car. You understand? I go through all these stuff and you’re still pressuring me at work. It was a headache.”

“I was staying in a rented house at Weija with my mother,” he added.

When asked by Agyemang Prempeh if the Multimedia Group Limited didn’t provide accommodation and a car to aid his transportation, Dada Boat answered in the negative.

“In the contract, it was captured they were going to help me settle down and all of that because I told them apart from my mom there was nothing in Ghana which would make me return home.”

God’s Plan

Although he blames the media organisation for causing the problem and embarrassment famously known as Mister Richard also believes it was God’s doing.

Mikki Osei Berko stated the series of events leading to the termination of his contract abruptly was for a purpose.

“But I say everything God does in my life is good. God used that opportunity to bring me home. So I didn’t return because of Multimedia that was why things moved roughly. Things didn’t go roughly because of Appiah-Nti and me. It was for a purpose.” 

By: Bernard Ralph Adams / myxyzonline.com / Ghana

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