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The Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives Association in a statement released today [April 9, 2018], denied rape allegations against their member and stated that the incident never happened.

Below is the statement issued by the District PRO of the Association:

An Italian lady by name Maltiti Daniela, aged 25 was admitted on 06/04/18 at 12:40am in the accident and emergency ward at West Gonja Catholic hospital, Damongo.

She came in with complaints of diarrhea (passed stool 10 times before 8 am), had a fever and blood film for malaria parasite proved positive for malaria. She claimed to have been attended to earlier in the day at the Mole Clinic where rapid diagnostic test proved negative for malaria.

Our checks at mole clinic has no records of her. She came into the ward (West Gonja Catholic hospital) in a company of two guys with one of them claiming to be a health personnel.

She didn’t have money at the time of admission and so gave her ATM to the two guys to withdraw money in town for her but they came back without money. At the time of her admission, the were two nurses and a ward aid.

The suspect an enrolled Nurse attended to Daniela whilst the other nurse attended to a snakebite case who came almost at the time with Daniela. Daniella called the suspect anytime she needed care until 8:30am when the suspect handed over.

He was picked up in the house same day indicating a lady sent a text to Italian embassy in Accra with his details that she was raped whilst on admission by him.

She indicated initially at Damongo police station in her statement that the ward(VVIP) was warm so she removed her clothing leaving only her pant on and the suspect came in and starting removing her pant which she protested without crying out.

She wrote in her statement in tamale that she was feeling cold since the ward (VVIP) has air condition and that she asked the suspect to cover her with a blanket and in the process starting having sex with her and she didn’t cry out even though she claimed she protested.

Vagina examination at TTH indicates there is no evidence of seminal fluid in the vagina but the lady still said the guy ejaculated on the bed sheet and the bed sheet has been picked by the crime officer for examination (no results yet).

The suspect is currently in police cells in tamale and will possibly be processed for court tomorrow and we hope to get a bail for our colleague. Remember we advised the suspect not to write any statement until he is given a lawyer and he has since been given a lawyer by CHAG in collaboration with the hospital in question.

Justice Badam Parmaak
District, PRO, GRNMA

Source: Ghana/mypowerfmonline.com/97.9fm

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