Did the negligence of Rawlings’s wife lead to his death?

Rawlings was sent to Nyaho Clinic before been transferred to Korle Bu

Information reaching us indicates that on Sunday when the former president was not feeling well, he (Rawlings) called his personal doctor, Nyaho Nyaho Tamakloe, who went with two specialists to his home.

Later, since they did not send a lot of equipment to his home, they brought him to the Nyaho clinic.

Nana Addo also sent two presidential specialists to treat him at the Nyaho clinic after he entered the Nyaho clinic, but Dr. Nyaho did not allow them to contact him.

Rawlings’s wife was not pleased because Dr. Nyaho did not allow him to be handled by the Nana Addo specialists.

So he insisted that her husband should be transferred for treatment from Nyaho clinic to Korlebu.

Dr. Nyaho told her not to send Rawlings to the hospital in Korlebu, but she declined and sent him to KBTH’s cardiology department.

Question is, could these occurrences lead to the death of the former president?

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