I’m Disappointed in Vita Milk Company -Legendary Kwadwo Akwaboah Senior

Legendary Ghanaian Highlife singer, Kwadwo Akwaboah Senior has for the first time recounted how he became blind.

In an exclusive interview on the Power Entertainment, Kwadwo Akwaboah Snr narrated the unfortunate turn of events to host Agyemang Prempeh, but insisted that though he is blind, he is able to perform when called on.

“When I was traveling abroad it [eyes] wasn’t like that. The reason for my travel to Holland was to procure my own musical instruments. I decided to travel to Holland to procure my own instruments to aid in my recording. Indeed I was able to secure those materials. I even used that to record Nicholas Omane Acheampong’s Zaphenath Paneah . I used my own studio materials to record it. But it was when i was away that the eye problems began. It began with my left eye. So I had to end whatever I was doing abroad to return to Ghana.

“Upon my return, I relied on my right eye to work but it happened that I woke up one day and realized that the right eye was also gone,” Akwaboah explained.

Though he is now blind, the Awerekyekyere hit-maker insisted that he will not allow the sickness to send him to an early grave.

He told host Agyemang Prempeh, let me tell you something. I refuse to allow that I will die with this sickness. I refuse. I know that there will be a change. It is Glaucoma. I know that God heals and God’s healing is more beautiful than that of man. Being blind does not mean that my brains are not functioning. I refuse to die in sorrow.”

Akwaboah Snr also revealed that he plays a significant role in the music career of his son Kwabena Akwaboah Jnr, who was named after his grandfather, the legendary Kwabena Akwaboah.

A Renowned company Vita Milk promised to help with Ghanaian High Life Artists Kwesi Pee and Ghanaian Ace Radio Presenter Fifii Banson to undergo surgery but did not end up at anywhere.



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