Don’t disenfranchise Ghanaians – House of Chiefs tells EC

The National House of Chiefs has issued a strongly worded statement cautioning against any act by individuals, political groupings or institution that has the tendency of creating a state of anarchy before, during or after the December 7 elections.

The House is particularly worried about recent developments triggered by the defiant posture of the Electoral Commission with regards to deliberations on its resolve to compile a new voter register, which the Chiefs said is escalating tension in the country.

The statement jointly signed by the President of the National House of Chiefs, Togbe Afede XIV and his Vice, Daasebre Kweku Ewusi VII, described as worrying, what appears to be the interest of leaders in winning power than the development needs and happiness of the people.

The Chiefs said while the Electoral Commission is an independent body, its powers cannot be exercised in vacuum.

“We would have to remember that power is not exercised in vacuum and so it would be naive for anyone to think that a constitutionally created ‘independent body’ has unbridled power. That cannot be the intention of the framers of the constitution,” the statement emphasized.

Jean Mensah, EC Boss

It further noted that for the EC to ensure the 2020 elections are free and fair, it would require among others that no Ghanaian is disenfranchised.

The House expressed disappointment in the Commission for failing to honour an invitation when the National House of Chiefs wanted the opportunity to promote dialogue in the interest of peace.

“As Chiefs we have the responsibility and the duty to speak objectively on national issues and in defense of the national interest,” the statement stated.

The Traditional leaders said at this crucial time, they owe it a sacred duty to remind the people of Ghana about the ‘pledge to be faithful and loyal to Ghana, our motherland’ and the need for all to subordinate individual interest and political party loyalty to the national desire for peace, unity and development.

It reminded the public that, at a time when unimaginable atrocities are being meted against the black man in various parts of the world, Ghanaians must work together to create a harmonious living conditions at home so that xenophobic attacks against Ghanaians abroad would not be an unfortunate preference.

The National House of Chiefs said “a time when we are confronted by COVID-19, CSM epidemic, flooding, joblessness etc, we must stick together and work towards finding appropriate solutions”


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