Ejura: Man Beheaded, Genitals Chopped Off

Residents of Aframso, a community near Ejura in the Ashanti Region have been thrown into total shock after a man was found  afloat a river with his throat slit and genitals chopped off.

The unidentified man believed to be in his thirties was found by one Mohammed, a resident of the community who was visiting his farm on Wednesday morning.

Police say when they got to the crime scene after the Assemblyman of Aframso, Ali Zakaria had reported to them about the incident, “the male adult aged about 35 [was] floating in river kyerede in prone position dead” and the body in a high decomposition state.

“Critical inspection on the body revealed that the head, the genital organs and the left foot were chopped off,” a police report said.

Power 97.9 FM’s ’ Ashanti Regional correspondent, Jonathan Ofori says the body is awaiting autopsy while police commence investigations into the gruesome act amidst growing fears among the inhabitants of the area.



Source: Ghana/mypowerfmonline.com

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