ELECTION 2020: Big Events Ghana To Announce Winners For Best Media Reportage

Big Events Ghana is set to announce winners of the 2020 Election for Best Media Reportage on Wednesday, December 16, 2020.

The award and event production company is enthused about the crucial role media houses in Ghana play in keeping citizens abreast of what will go on before, during and after voting had closed on election day.

The award is an initiative intended to celebrate and reward media personalities and media institutions for their excellence in election reporting.

Considering key factors such as accuracy of reportage, efficiency, relevance of information, responsible reportage, journalistic integrity, compelling election stories using data-driven techniques, breaking news, the human resource capacities, teamwork, panel and resource person(s) discussion among others, the committee selected the best deserving individuals and media houses for the awards.

Media coverage of elections has come a long way since the transition elections of 1992.

Indeed, many of the leading newsrooms relied heavily on new digital technologies, especially social media, not only to tell and source news stories but also to satisfy Ghanaians’ insatiable appetite for real-time news.

The reason to award the Best Media coverage for the 2020 General Election is to help the media in Ghana to improve their performance in order to stay ahead of the curve.

Who wins the ultimate prize and the bragging rights as winner of Best Media Reportage in the 2020 General Election? Will it be Despite Media Group’s DECISION TIME, Multimedia Group’s ELECTION HEADQUARTERS, EIB Network’s ELECTION HUB, Omni Media Group’s ELECTION BUREAU, Angel Broadcasting Network’s ELECTION EYE, Media General’s ELECTION COMMAND CENTRE, Class Media Group Election or Atinka Media Village Election?

Big Events Ghana are organizers of the annual Radio and Television Personality Awards [RTP] and Africa Gospel Awards Festival (AGAFEST).


Source:Ghana/myxyzonline.com/91.3MHz/ Daakyehene

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