Engage Volta Separatists – MP Advises Gov’t

MP for South Dayi, Rockson Dafeamekpor has condemned what he describes as a Rambo style arrest of an octogenarians and other suspects, the Police say have been recruiting and training militias ahead of their planned declaration of the Volta region as an Independent State tomorrow May 9.

He said…”It is understandable that the state would take steps to protect the sovereignty and sanctity of Ghana, and to take steps to ensure the safety and integrity of the nation, however, such conducts by the state in the exercise of its rights, must be done in accordance with laid down procedure anchored in law”.

Mr Dafeamekpor observed that several scholars including Emeritus Professor Amenumey and Hon. Kosi Kedem have written extensively on the trans Volta Togoland and Western Togoland union issues with the Gold Coast and raised fundamental historical, political, legal and jurisprudential issues underpinning the supposed union.

In an open letter yesterday he said the state must engage the agitators, if indeed there are, with a team of scholars to deal with these issues once for all.



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