Evacuation Of Nationwide Selected Refuse Damps Underway

The Ministry of Sanitation and Rural Development has begun evacuation of nationwide selected refuse dampsites.
The exercise is ongoing concurrently across the Sixteen Regions of Ghana.

Residents of Nyohani are expressing joy at the decision of the Sanitation and Water Resources Ministry to clear a heap of refuse which has been tormenting them for months now.

The exercise which is part of the national refuse evacuation exercise being undertaken by the ministry is to rid the country of filth.

Assembly man for the area Yakubu Hamza who spoke to the media at the Gukpelana Toilet where the ministry cleared a heap of refuse said the exercise is coming at the right time.

He said “this is a good thing because the people have been suffering for a long time. We have been complaining about this and so we are happy the ministry is doing this. As you can see yourself the smell here is bad and anytime they are cooking it gets into their homes”.

Mr. Yakubu disclosed that the Gukpelana Toilet refuse is not the only one with a refuse heap but that three others scattered in the electoral area have similar challenges.

He said ” there are two more places in the area which needs to be cleared. But for now we are happy that this exercise is coming on”.

On how to ensure that that refuse is not accumulated again in the area, Mr. Yakubu said ,” when this is done we will get another container in addition to what we have now and I will ensure that no one throws rubbish around”.

A resident noted that “this is good for us because sometimes we will be cooking and polythene from the refuse site will be blown by the wind into our food. Even in our rooms we cannot stand the stench from the toilet and refuse heap. We therefore grateful for the gesture”.

He futher told the media that a wall around the toilet and the refuse container will help manage how people dump refuse at the place.

4 major and other refuse sites to be evacuated.

The Regional Minister of the Northern region Hon. Salifu Saeed made it know to the media that “cleanliness is next to Godliness” however, there is the need to evacuate all refuse site to prevent one from contracting any disease.

He added that “this intervention has been captioned as north without boarders implementing that every refuse site will be evacuated”. The north this year has experienced heavy rains and thank God that the cases in Ghana has reduced drastically.”

He explained stating that policies will be implemented to reduce sanitation issues which has served has a breeding place for all kinds of diseases.

Meanwhile, some measures have been put in place to ensure that sanity is key to everyone in the northern region such as residents should visit the public toilet and stop practicing among others.

The Metropolitan Municipal and Districts (MDA’s) are advocating that the assemblymen and sole owners of the various homes would educate the residents not to defecate openly or damp their human waste anywhere hence, this will help northern as a whole to be free from diseases he stressed.


Source:Ghana/ Daakyehene

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