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Ex-convict narrates how he was wrongfully jailed for 15 years by a CID

William Owusu Adjei never should have spent 15 years in prison. But the unprofessional act by one Corporal Zackery Mohammed with the Criminal Investigations Department of the Ghana Police Service made him rot in jail where he was introduced to homosexuality by the Inmates.

He recounts how a phone call he received from his landlord while he was at work somewhere in 2004 changed his life from good to bad making him a prisoner.

He spoke exclusively to renowned radio presenter Godfred Darkwah Jr. professionally called Man Godee on East Legon-based Power97.9 FM’s Heavens Train show on Sunday June 9 to narrate the untold story of his imprisonment.

According to him, he was living life happily with his wife and two children in Koforidua in the Eastern Region of Ghana but one hot afternoon something strange happened when he went to work and his landlord had to call him.

“My landlord called telling me all my louvers have been closed and he has never seen my house in such state when I am not around before so I moved straight to my house to see what was happening.

Indeed when I got there my gate has been locked like my landlord described to me on phone. My louvers have also being closed this time I became suspicious of what was really going on in my room. I tried looking through my room via the closed louvers. To my uttermost surprise, I saw a man in boxer short in the room with my wife, I immediately rushed to pick up a wood somewhere in the compound to break the door” he recounted

The 37-year-old man reveals immediately the door opened the two quickly dressed up but he was angered by the behaviour of his wife so he decided to punish them.

“I was so furious someone was sleeping with my wife in my house and on our matrimonial bed, I picked the standing fan and beat the man up. To be frank, I really beat him up mercilessly after i turned to my sweetheart and also beat the hell out of her” he said

He continued “Before I realized the man has left without my knowledge. I moved back to my work place my colleagues tried enquiring what happened when I went home but I didn’t utter a word”

A complaint was filed with the Koforidua Galaway Police Station by his wife and the man he was cheating with in his room.

This caused his arrest around 4:30am when he and his two children, a boy and a girl were asleep.

” I was invited to the station at that dawn thinking I would be made to write my statement then granted bail but things didn’t work that way.

After telling my side of the story the docket was handed to the Commander of the station then later to the CID in-charge of my case who asked I pay Ghs1500 to be freed or remain there” he disclosed

He indicated that he pleaded for a reduction in the amount stating that he had to hire a lawyer to help him.

His nephew called a lawyer friend and when they narrated the incident to him he was appalled saying cases of such are usually dealt with at the Domestic Violence & Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU).

Moments later an agreement was reached between the lawyer and the CID and the initial amount was reduced to Ghs1000.

“I gave my ATM card to my nephew to cash out the requested amount. When he returned he handed the money to my lawyer and he also gave it to the CID. I was waiting to be freed” William said

The clock kept ticking like a time bomb hoping he will be released until the 11th hour when the CID in-charge told them he has another assignment to do therefore a new CID will be handing his case.

And that was the beginning of William Owusu Adjei’s doom.

Corporal Zackery Mohammed is the name of the new CID assigned to investigate his case.

His first action was to tell him that the Commander of the Ejisu Police Station where he was behind bars had intimated on no condition should they grant him (William) bail because he must be arranged before court.

“I think three days time I was taken to the Koforidua Circuit II Court, after the proceedings the Judge refused me bail and instructed I was reminded for two weeks at the police cell”

He was sent back to the police custody to spend the two weeks period but from no where something intriguing and startling happened.

The CID Corporal Mohammed approached him saying the court clerk goofed in his write-up, the judge never said he should be reminded in the police cell rather he pronounced he should be jailed.

“He was like the clerk made a mistake in his warrant, I have to rush to the court to change the statement. You’ll be imprisoned. I wept bitterly” William told Man Godee

According to him, he objected moving to Nsawam Prison suggesting that Corporal Mohammed informed his relatives about his whereabouts, adding that he had no money on him.

But he wouldn’t listen Corporal Mohammed assured him he will phone his family members to communicate what transpired after the court sitting to them.

Luckily for 37-year-old William Owusu Adjei he saw two of his nephews right there but they were very sad upon learning the new development.

William added “They gave me a little money and promised to visit me at the prison the next day before I was sent to the Nsawam Prison”

He vividly recalled all what Corporal Mohammed did when they got to the Nsawam Prison and according to him he only filled a form to get him behind bars and he not knowing the number of years he would be spending there.

“Truly my relatives paid me a visit the next day together with my lawyer and after our conversation i was assured a complaint would be filled with the Attorney General to seek for interpretation on why Col. Mohammed sent him to the prison and not the police cell” he stated

“As I speak, I don’t know when Corporal Zackery Mohammed would visit me to continue with his investigations” he added

William Owusu Adjei who was given a presidential pardon few weeks ago bitterly concluded with the exact words of the judge which Corporal Zackery Mohamme overturned.

“The accused person is being reminded into the police custody and should reappear before court on the two weeks of date given”.

Watch The Full Interview Below:


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