Fresh revelations over Nana Agyei Sikapa’s death

Legendary gospel singer, Yaw Sarpong, has given a chilling account of series of events leading to the demise of newscaster, Nana Agyei Sikapa, who worked with Despite Media Group’s owned, Peace 104.3FM until his death.

In an exclusive interview with Agyemang Prempeh on the ‘Legends‘ show on TV XYZ on Sunday night, the singer who founded the Asomafo Band said there’s more to the death of the famous Akan annochorman and broadcast journalist.

I was in Accra and when I moved to Kumasi, I saw Nana Agyei at the premises of the New Jerusalem Chapel (NJC). He was unwell. The man [Bishop Dr John Yaw Adu] tried all he could and he was healed. Nana Agyei testified. — I saw Nana Agyei tesfying infront of mammoth crowd at his thanksgiving and baptism service to thank God for what he has done for him.

“When he moved to Accra I was also in Accra and started with Peace FM. I’m often at the station when we meet we converse about the man. We were always full of praise for him. I don’t know what happened but unexpectedly he stopped visiting the church”

Mypowerfmonline.com’s deep throat source close to the church reveals Nana Agyei Sikapa was brought dead to the church. However, Bishop J. Y. Adu, as he’s fondly called ‘resurrected’ him.

After resurrection, Nana Agyei Sikapa gave the cold shoulder to the popular Kumasi-based clergyman, our source added.

These claims, Yaw Sarpong didn’t give a hint throughout the one hour conversation.

But tells Agyemang Prempeh on the Moments of Truth segment of the Legends show on TV XYZ, that the deceased was appreciative of the pastor for the first three months.

“For the first three to four months it was wonderful on Peace FM. On his program dubbed ‘Wo Gyedie Ne Sen?’ he’d greet the man, his wife, children and the entire church elders then testify what the man has done for him. Everyone was happy but it suddenly it seized after three months.

“According to the man, when I chatted with him, he said a certain pastor appeared on Nana Agyei’s ‘Wo Gyedie Ne Sen?’ show as a guest claiming everyone who uses Florida Water is an occult. That’s the same thing used to heal Nana Agyei Sikapa. Bishop Adu wasn’t happy about the development. He sent pastors to advice Nana Agyei against allowing the pastor on his show and that he could quote scriptures to support the use of Florida Water and other stuff. All his attempts proved futile.”

He adds Bishop J. Y. Adu arranged for a one-on-one Bible discussion on radio with the said pastor but Nana Agyei wouldn’t let that happen.

“He heard the pastor for the third consecutive time on the show criticising the use of Florida Water so he insisted on appearing on the show. He has a branch of his church in Takoradi. While in Takoradi he arranged with Nana Agyei to meet the pastor on his show. When he got to Cape Coast he started calling Nana Agyei but he didn’t answer the calls. At Kasoa he called several times but he didn’t respond. When he finally reached Accra he was stranded so he headed back to Kumasi,” Yaw Sarpong narrated.

“I didn’t listen to the program but they held another discussion with the pastor. He alleged those pastors are using items of idol worship. Bishop said Nana Agyei intimated he’s realized those pastors have an interpreter whose hands are always on the pastor’s neck throughout their sermons though they speak Twi the interpreter break it down to the understanding of everyone because they are in the spirit. When he made such utterances Bishop was silent.

“And according to the Bishop, during every 31st [All Night Service] he gives prophecies. Based on my observations it always manifest. Nana Agyei played snippet of his 31st prophecies on his show and his pundits commented on it. Nana Agyei quizzed the pastor whether what the interpreter was heard saying isn’t fetishism. This is according to Bishop. I didn’t hear Nana Agyei ask.”

Bishop Adu’s Reactions

The legendary gospel singer said the founder and head pastor of New Jerusalem Chapel was highly disappointed in the broadcaster and tried his possible best to solve the issue.

“It pained him but because he is a reverend minister, he sent people to Nana Agyei to advice him to desist from such stuff even if he wouldn’t visit his church again. He knew the sickness he suffered.” 

Nana Agyei Sikapa’s death

Daniel Agyei Peprah, popularly referred to as Nana Agyei Sikapa, passed away on Friday, June 19, 2020.

According to reports, he has been sick for the past two years.

The late Sikapa was a professional teacher, he taught both in Atwima Agogo and Abuakwa R/C Primary School for several years.

Nana Sikapa is survived by a wife and seven children.

According to Yaw Sarpong, a few days after the passing of the popular Akan newsreader, Bishop John Yaw Adu gave him a phone call.

Disclosing what they discussed during the phone conversation, the ‘Wo Haw Ne Sen’ singer said, “He calls me Piesie. He said Nana Agyei’s issue and I told him I’m pained by it.”

“He told me when the sickness worsen they wanted to take him to his church but they couldn’t because, according to him, Nana Agyei advised them to leave everything to God,” he concluded.

By: Bernard Ralph Adams/Mypowerfmonline.com/Ghana

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