Ghana Health service Issues Cholera Alert

Ghana Health Service (GHS) is alerting the general public over a potential outbreak of cholera in the country.

A statement signed by the Director-General of GHS, Dr. Anthony Nsiah-Asare, indicated an imminent outbreak of cholera in certain areas of the country as the rains set in.

“Cholera is one of the diseases of national concern because of the potential it has to cause outbreaks and major epidemics. As the rains have started to set in at certain locations of the country and will be getting to the peak season very soon, with the other existing prevailing risk factors, the risk for cholera outbreak is very high,” the statement noted.

The Ghana Health Service urged the general public “to be cautious and to do their best to prevent and protect themselves against cholera”

The GHS said the signs and symptoms of Cholera are frequent diarrhoea with or without vomiting. Cholera spreads when faeces and/or vomitus of an infected person contaminates the water or food of another person and it is swallowed.

Therefore, the GHS has urged the public to prevent Cholera and ensure that safe water is made available at all times and make sure that “proper sanitation practices are adhered to.”

The statement maintained that the epidemic can be prevented “by improved environmental sanitation, personal hygiene and drinking safe water” adding that “frequent hand washing with soap under running water is also recommended.”


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