Ghana Taekwondo Federation’s Nii Armah Davidson Joins The Fight To Kick Coronavirus Away

A senior national Taekwondo Athlete’s has joined the Campaign to #FightCovid19 in Ghana and the World at Large.

80kg weighing Michael Nii Armah Davidson is believing in God and trusting that Prayers can work the Miracle of wiping away #Covid19 from the earth.

“We all know it’s difficult times for the country and the world at large. And I believe most of us have Faith in God. He’s the creator of Heaven and Earth and knows everything. We only have to be fervent in Prayers to #KickCoronaVirusAway.”

“Apart from the national Prayers that was observed, we must all individually Pray and God will listen to us because we as athletes need to be alive to compete.” He said.



Source:Ghana/ Sammy Heywood Okine

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