Ghana Top Performer In Eyecare Programme – Swiss Red Cross

The Swiss Red Cross Programme Coordinator for Ghana, Ms Carole Hinden, has commended the contribution of the Ghana Red Cross Society and the support of all other stakeholders in Ghana for the achievements of the eyecare programme in the country.

She disclosed that among all Swiss Red Cross-supported nations, the eyecare programme in Ghana has always been touted as a top performer by the fundraising unit of the agency and, thus, attracted more donors and funding.

According to her, Ghana has one of the highest cataract surgery rates in Africa and has enjoyed some achievements of eyecare services incorporated under the National Health Insurance Scheme.

She believes the strong partnership between the Ghana Red Cross Society and the Ghana Health Service has impacted the general wellbeing, education and economic situation of the beneficiaries.

The Swiss Red Cross, for several years now, has played an auxiliary role in complementing the efforts of the government.

Through this collaboration, Ms Hinden stated that about 33 eye clinics have been built and equipped. She added that about 3 million people have benefited from the provision of eye health services in the country.

Additionally, she said: “It is heartwarming to note that over 60, 000 of our children with eye conditions received free treatment through this programme since 2006. Over 6,000 children, mostly from the remote areas, have so far benefited from spectacles. We believe that these children can now learn better and get a better future.”

Ms Hinden made these remarks during the opening of a new eye clinic at the Savelugu government hospital in the Northern Region.

She further commended the Regional Ophthalmic team for their contribution in ensuring that every beneficiary is given the necessary care and attention.

She stressed that: “The presence of the trained and committed Red Cross volunteers who work in every community to reach out to the beneficiaries and help them overcome the barriers in their communities and refer them to health facilities, has significantly improved the fight against eye problems in the area.”

She implored the people to take utmost care of the infrastructure and all the facilities provided so that healthcare delivery can be guaranteed for many future generations.

Ms Hinden disclosed that over 100 houses constructed would soon be handed over to the families of flood victims in the Upper East Region under its flood response project.

She seized the opportunity to thank the government and the people of Switzerland for investing their life-earned savings in the wellbeing of the people of Ghana.

For his part, the Medical Superintendent of the Savelugu Hospital, Dr Samson Aning Abankwah expressed his excitement over the facility.

He said the clinic is adequate enough to admit more patients. He said it will enable the staff to work efficiently and offer quality service to patients.

Source: Ghana/ClassFM

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