Ghana Undeveloped Despite Abundant Natural Resources ‘Abnormal’ – Man Godee

For Ghana to remain undeveloped despite the abundance of natural resources is abnormal, according to outspoken radio presenter, Godfred Darkwah Jr. popularly known as  Man Godee.

‘We have gold, diamond and recently discovered oil. So, why are we still lingering in poverty? Our roads are bad.” Man Godee said on Friday, 28 February 2020 whilst leading prayer for Ghana at the 2020 maiden edition of Power 97.9FM’s Boa Ghana Mpaebo at the Christian Redemption Ministry.

“Other countries which had its independence same as Ghana are far developed with several infrastructures. I am telling you for a fact that they’re in good standard. God has blessed us with abundant of natural resources. What about if he didn’t give as any?” he quizzed.

He divulged that some evil deeds of our forefathers are hindering the development of Ghana. This he said has prevented successive presidents from implementing their good policies.

“The foundation of the country is weak. Our forefathers contradicted with the word of God. For this reason our current leaders discard their manifestoes [promises] once they win power and assume office. Nana [Akufo-Addo] promised one district, one factory one village, one dam and other mouth-watering campaign promises. Aren’t they good policies? They are, but none exist.” He said.

For him, it will only take prayer for our leaders to have the citizenry at hearts therefore Christians should intercede for Ghana anytime they go on their kneel to pray to the Maker.

“Our minister are wise, they send their pregnant wives to the western world to deliver so their newborns could become citizens of that country and enjoy better life. As if we [the citizens] are unwise.

The National Health Insurance is no more active, you pay outrageous charges even when you send it to hospital to seek medical treatment. I’m not saying so. That’s what Ghanaians are saying. We are interceding for our forefathers let’s God forgive them their sins.”

Ghana Undeveloped Despite Abundant Natural Resources ‘Abnormal’ – Man Godee

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