Ghanaian media is retrogressing – Mikki Osei Berko

Seasoned broadcaster, Mikki Osei Berko, has criticised media organisations in the country calling them out for what he describes the disservice they are doing the motherland.

The senior broadcast journalist said the media landscape is retrogressing juxtaposed to when he cut his teeth in the media over two decades ago.

Joining Agyemang Prempeh on the Legends programme which dwell on the legacies of distinguished personalities on TV XYZ on Sunday, 20 September 2020, he literally punched the media in the face.

Describing the current Ghanaian media as in the “reverse state” he further asserted that the business is being run haphazardly.

“I mean [the] media in Ghana, I don’t know how it operates. It is not planned, there’s no policies. It’s crazy (sic) atmosphere everyone survives,” he opined.

In his view, the lack of professionalism and the manner Ghanaian media houses are run make them miles away from standard journalism practice.

“The media is supposed to be the fourth estate of the country. The media, for me, is, non-existent because everyone does what he or she wants,” the former Radio Gold presenter fumed.

“Look, they have launched a manifesto to improve culture and on prime time, TV stations are airing foreign films – telenovelas. I mean who checks that? Does it matter to us or otherwise?” Not too happy Mikki Osei Berko quizzed.

The radio personality with about twenty-five (25) years of experience also questioned the institution responsible for media monitoring.

“Then, the Police take bribe, so, they should be allowed to take bribe because everyone is doing what he or she likes.

“What work is the regulator [National Media Commission] doing? Theirs is to watch unconcerned. You know there’s no regulations so, me, I see the media is not existent,” famously called Dada Boat stated.

By: Bernard Ralph Adams/ myxyzonline.com/ Ghana

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