Ghanaians Still Have Interest In Local Movies- SOCRATE Safo

SOCRATE Safo, Chairman of the Film Classification Committee and popular movie director has said Ghanaians still show interest in local movies.

Speaking on the Power Entertainment show hosted by Agyeman Prempeh, he bemoaned that Ghanaians still watch the local movies day in day out even though some people say it has lost viewers.

“Yes Ghanaians still watch the local movies, whenever I am on my way going home I see them behind their TV watching the local movies,”He said.

Touching on allegations made by Mr Beautiful for government to ban telenovelas being showed by some media houses he said, “It is our wish but is Mr Beautiful aware that some Ghanaians like Salam, AA and Shirley also have movie series being shown in other countries?”
“Because once ours are being shown in other countries we have to also allow other country’s own here but we have to put measures in place so that the window that will be opened for them can be controlled; that’s all we have to do”
“But when you ban somebody’s own coming here, you have to make sure your own also don’t go there that’s all; fair trade. “ He added.

He ended by saying no government was behind the success of the movie industry they worked hard for it success themselves and when it was also coming down no government hand was under it so it was their own mistakes that caused everything.



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