Ghana’s Economy Is To Blame For Lack Of sponsorship For GPL – Frank Nelson

An Executive Committee Member of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), Frank Nelson, has told critics of the Ghana Premier League (GPL) not speak against it because it lacks sponsors.

The Ghana Premier League has come under a barrage of criticisms from former players and football fanatics in the country following GFA’s failure to land a sponsorship deal for the country’s apex league.

According to some analysts, the GPL cannot be ranked as one of the best on the African continent since it lacks sponsors. others have also said it is boring amidst being embroiled in law suits since the last three seasons.

Speaking to Power FM Sports Editor, Nana Prempeh (British Man) on the Celebrity Sports Show on Friday, Mr Nelson rather attributed the challenge to grab a juicy sponsorship package for the league to “the economic hardships” in Ghana.

Asked what he meant my that, the football administrator said: “Let me take you aback to the days of Glo and First Capital. With Glo, everybody knew we had five years contract with them, but in the end Ghana’s economy could not sustain Glo. If I’m very right, we were getting about 3 million dollars from Glo. The system did not let Glo keep long, Glo became unproductive We later had First Capital and all of a sudden, just about the second year of the contract, First capital we had letters informing us of a restructuring. It’s not the fault of Ghana Football but I think it’s the economy that had been hostile to all of these,” Mr Nelson posited.

He also mentioned Startimes and said some media personnel have been criticizing the idea of the company signing a contract with the league for ten (10) years, which he said will go against their business and could affect their willingness to support the premier league.

“instead of supporting Startimes, they are criticizing them.People are on TV and some are also on radio speaking against the company for pushing for a 10 year contract instead of two (2) years. How does it help us all?” he questioned.

The Chairman for marketing and Sponsorship at he GFA stated that it has not been smooth in terms of  “issues” that have engulfed Ghana’s football industry in terms of satisfying fans in the country. The GFA, he said, has been engaging many stakeholders including the media to ensure that things work out for the Association, stressing that the league will eventually get a headline sponsor prior to the kick off of the league which is expected to happen soon.

Mr Nelson therefore urged the media to give much publication to the league and speak good of it so as to win the hearts of potential partners or sponsors to finance the daily activities of the Premier league.

“All the plans are progressing because the structures put in place will yield results,” he added while calling  for calm among football lovers as the authorities tick the right boxes that will bring back the excitement into the country’s football scene.

Source: Henryson Okrah/Ghana/

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