GOC President Encourages The Wearing Of Masks To Curb The Spread Of The Covid-19

Mr. Ben Nunoo Mensah President of the Ghana Olympic Committee (GOC) has encouraged sportsmen and women to wear nose and mouth masks to stop the spread of the coronavirus aka covid-19.

Ben Nunoo Mensah who is also President of the Ghana Weightlifting Federation (GWF) presented a quality of masks to the Cranes, the national weightlifting team as they stayed home during the lock down period.

He urged them to show example as sports ambassadors and role models in their communities by wearing the masks for their fans and others to follow.

According to Ben Nunoo Mensah, human life is precious and should be saved. He said sports comes second after live, so people should take good care of themselves by protecting themselves and others.

He reminded sportsmen and women to avoid hand shakes, wash their hands regularly with soap under running water as well as use sanitizers and tissues to cover coughs.

He also stressed on keeping social distance, so as not to spread any disease.

The GOC president hinted that efforts are being made to make Ghanaian sportsmen, especially amateurs happy, and they should keep on training a home or privately at the beach or gyms.

He said the IOC is also working around the clock in fixing the next Olympic Games which has been postponed a year ahead, which also offers athletes who have not prepared adequately to find time to get in shape.


Source: Ghana/ Sammy Heywood Okine

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