GOC Women’s Commissioner Calls On Women To Be Vigilant And Careful In Covid-19 Pandemic Period.

Madam Lizzy King, Chairperson of the Ghana Olympic Committee (GOC) Women’s Commission has made a passionate appeal to women to be extra vigilant and careful in these crucial days of the coronavirus.

According to the Vice President of the Ghana Hockey Association, women and children are vulnerable and are at risk during pandemics and war, as the world fights the covid-19, women should take good care of their homes and children.

She said they should be able to monitor the activities of their families and make sure things are done right and best.

The retired Ghana Prisons Officer, urged women who do sports to intensify their personal physical training at home, or separately in the gym.

Madam Elizabeth King who is an executive member and treasurer of the African Hockey said the coronavirus is real, because it has halted all sports activities including the major football leagues and the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, so Ghanaians should not take it as a joke, but rather go by the presidential order of staying at home and keeping a social distance.

She also advised that people should wash their faces and hands with water under running water, and also use sanitizers frequently.

She also called on all women’s sports associations and groups to observe the health and safety protocols and plan ahead so that after the covid-19, they would be prepared for future programmes.

She reminded that as Ghana has been given the nod to host the 2023 African Games, sports organisers and promoters should liaise with the Ministry of Youth & Sports and the National Sports Authority (NSA) for the nation to put up a great event for Africa, as it is only three years away.


Source:Ghana/ Nana Prempeh

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