I contemplated suicide after being humiliated and cheated by Top FM — Man Godee

Radio presenter, Godfred Darkwah Junior, popularly known as, Man Godee, has disclosed that he nearly committed suicide after he was humiliated and cheated by Accra-based Top FM.

Man Godee said he returned to the radio station to seek employement a couple of months after he had left to pursue other interests.

To his surprise, he was denied employment and asked to pick up a form and partake in a talent hunt competition the station was about embarking,

“In 2014, Man Godee, I was in a dire need of job, so I went to my former workplace, Top FM, for a job opportunity. They had changed management and the new management included some of my former colleagues – they knew who I am, but, they told me they’re about starting a talent hunt and if I really want employment, I should join the competition,” Man Godee recounted on Sunday, 20 September 2020.

He added that, “The new management Ekuoba Gyasi held a top position and Gayaso and others. All of them knew me in the media space but they told me to join, eventually I joined.”

Prior to the start of the competition the organizers among other things promised to employ the top three contestants at the station.

Going through financial constraints and needed the surest way to salvage the situation, Man Godee said, he took a loan from a bank and voted massively for himself in order to win the competition and secure the job.

The Power 97.9FM presenter mentioned his top-notch performance earned him the top spot and the admiration of the audience throughout the competition to the final stage.

During the finals, the Son of the Prophet divulge he earned the popular votes, alluding he had won the competition but the organizers maliciously and deliberately robbed him of what he deserved.

“Per the number of votes JK had 681. Bra Emma and Obaapa received 330 and 428 respectively.  Also, Man Godee earned 1,222 votes, Oko had 877, and Budha with 392 and Rich 251.

“Based on the results, who deserved to be crowned? Do you know who was adjudged the winner? They gave the first position to Obaaoa. Oko and JK were given the second and third positions respectively. And fourth to Man Godee.”

According to him, “Ekuoba Gyasi and his cohorts agreed physically, Man Godee I have won. Listen carefully, they employed Obaapa at Top FM. Budha who didn’t come anywhere close was also employed to host the drive talk show and entertainment. Man Godee was sidelined.”

The organizers of the competition explained they couldn’t crown him the winner because “my votes came in late.”

He disclosed that but for his wife and pastor he would have committed suicide to avoid the embarrassment that came his way after the humiliating defeat.

Speaking on his gospel radio programme Heavens Trains on Power 97.9FM, Man Godee urged his listeners to trust in God for he is the altar and finisher of our faith.

“The awards for men are fake. Listen carefully, it is only God when you put your trust in him, he’ll reward you bountifully. Obaapa was shown the exit door barely six months after employing her. They sacked her.Someone who couldn’t make it to the semi-finals stage, KOB was hired.”

“Today Man Godee here I am. Man may regret you, they did it to Jephtah but when God is on your side he will complete your life. Sister, brother – don’t kill yourself. God will make you complete, just truth God.

Reading Genesis 21:8 and Genesis 16:1, the vocal radio show host intimated that, “Presently, all those I’m mentioning their names none of them is on radio. Aboagye are you listening? None of them is one radio. They will appreciate it if they were me. Man will fail you but God will never fail you. Maybe you’re childless and your mother-in-law is a thorn in the flesh but I just want you to trust God.”

“The management of that station they gave wrong awards and none of them is anywhere to be found in the media space. Man Godee I’m still relevant'” he stated.

By: Bernard Ralph Adams/

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