I Don’t Write My Songs – Cecilia Marfo

Musicians all over the world have different stories to how they come by the songs they produce.

While some claim they get their inspiration through dreams, others observe what happens around them and translate them into music.

Gospel minstrel, Cecilia Marfo has divulged that she does not put pen to paper to write the lyrics of most of songs.

Speaking in an interview with Godfred Darkwah Jr on Heavens Train on Power 97.9FM on Sunday, 23 June 2019, the renowned worship leader disclosed that she’s not academically good therefore she doesn’t know how to write songs but thanks to God her songs flow once she finds herself in a studio.

According to Cecilia Marfo, “I don’t write my songs and even with the ones I write, I change them when I get to the studio. God saw how abysmal my performance at school was. In fact, I wasn’t intelligent.”

She added “God’s Grace is responsible for all my songs. When the instruments is being played a song comes to mind. Some people won’t understand it. Most of my songs I don’t write and Nacee who records my songs can attest to that”

Cecilia Marfo has over twenty years experience in the gospel music industry and she’s known for songs like ‘Yonko Nokwafo’, ‘Tete Nyame’,  ‘I Am A Soldier’, ‘Aduaba’, ‘Nwan Na’,  ‘Wofata’, ‘Ne Din’, ‘Afunumba’, ‘Obiara Nse Wo’ and many others.

She said her ability to produce new songs without writing is all by God’s Grace and nothing else.

“It’s all about his Grace. There are many out there who have ventured into music without seeking what they’re supposed to do in life. And when it gets to a point they give up their music profession”.

Asked about how she sees the current state of the gospel music industry as a veteran musician.

In her reply, she said, “I have no problem with the state of the music industry but what I can say is Cecilia Marfo will always be who she is because God lives in her.

“God gives us many gifts in addition to our singing but some people don’t know. The Holy Spirit doesn’t like in them so they take everything normal”

She went to state that she has realised many people are doing music because they just like to sing and haven’t seek God’s will for their lives.

Cecilia Marfo also hinted that she’s currently working on a new project and Ghanaians should anticipate for it.


Source: Mypowerfmonline.com/Ghana/97.9MHz

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