I feel shy for Mzbel, Tracey — Obiri Boahen reacts to celebrities’ feud over married man

Legal practitioner, Lawyer Nana Obiri Boahen, says watching Tracey Boakye and Mzbel trade insults on social media over a married man was embarrassing.

In an interview with Power 97.9FM’s  Agyemang Prempeh on the Power Entertainment programme on Saturday, August 8, 2020, he comdemned the scandal involving the two celebrities in no uncertain terms.

The celebrated private legal practioner states the actress and songstress shamelessly trashed the cultural values of Ghana and such act shouldn’t be tolerated.

“I felt shy for them. Men often use such vulgar language but women are not known for that. Especially with their popularity, people look up to them as role models. Particularly Tracey’s own, I felt shy for her. A woman speaking that way was wrong, even if the man told you those things, you shouldn’t have to go to that extent. A lady doesn’t do that. She shouldn’t have gone to that level,” Obiri Boahen said.

He added that, “Women are by nature very discipline. They are not like we men, so, when they engage in such feud it’s not good.”

Mr. Boahen asserts the battle between the side chicks over married man which dominated discussions both on social and traditional media platforms is alien to the Ghanaian society.

“Under the Ghanaian culture, African society, women cherish our tradition and cultural values. Whites women are different. If Whites women are doing that their cultural values and ours are different,” he argued.

Juxtaposing the cultural differences in Ghana to the European and other countries outside Africa to buttress his point, the renowned lawyer said, “Gay marriage and homosexuality are accepted. We can’t permit gay marriage, if we allow homosexual marriages someone won’t share the same plate with them. Imagine that (I’m not insulting someone’s behavior or conduct) if two gay men marry and they are eating then you tell me to join them, I will feel someway. I’m not talking against them, I’m not insulting them either but societal perceptions doesn’t allow you to do such stuff.”

The former Deputy General Secretary of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) stated categorically that he will never shake hands with any gay because he will not feel comfortable doing so.

“No no, no gay can shake my hand. I’m not insinuating he’s not human to greet me but I will feel restless,”

Similarly, Mr Obiri Boahen said if he’s aware a woman indulges in lesbianism he will not be comfortable shaking hands with her.

“God didn’t create us [humans] to be homosexauls. So, if you are doing, that then, at the back of my mind I wouldn’t feel free.

“I remember I was moving from, was it Germany to Ireland? It been quite sometime. It seems a man was pregnant, he wasn’t sick. We were sitting adjacent when I saw that I felt uncomfortable. Luckily, the flight wasn’t up to the capacity. I relocated to other unoccupied seat. I can’t sit aloof. If I sat there and they [the flight attendance] serve us meal and he’s beside me, I might lose appetite”

By: Bernard Ralph Adams/Mypowerfmonline.com /Ghana

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