I received less than GHS20,000 after 32 years with GBC — Amankwah Ampofo

Retired anchorman, Charles Ampofo, known professionally as Amankwah Ampofo, has revealed the amount he earned as end of service benefit after three decades with the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation.

“Calculating the money I was given, it wasn’t up to Two Hundred Million (GHS20,000),” he told Legends host Agyemang Prempeh on TV XYZ on Sunday night.

Explaining why he received such pittance despite the many years he spent with the media organisation, he said, “You have to reach the senior grade before you get a whopping sum of money. Unfortunately, my bosses were not kind to me, so, I couldn’t get to that level.”

He mentioned that he does not know what influenced his bosses at the state-owned media conglomerate to sabotage him because “I remained in the same position for eight years. I wasn’t promoted”.

“But me I was enjoying the work. I didn’t talk,” he added.

Although he was economical on naming his saboteurs, the 67-year-old retired broadcaster singled out one Yaw Owusu Addo, who he said he recommended for his promotional but he in return was the hindrance to his progress.

“There was a conflict when they removed Eva Lokko from office. When she was axed, Dan Botwe was the sector minister. He called and told me, ‘you’re senior at the office, who do you think should be the next after Eva Lokko?’ I said I know of Annan he was at Cape Coast he’s the oldest [staff] I told Dan, ‘I beg the man is a part-time lecturer at the University. So, bringing him from Cape Coast won’t be a good idea’. He asked, ‘Who’s the next Director of TV or Director of Radio?’ I apprised him I travelled with the Director of Radio to Cuba and he’s friendly, therefore if he likes he should consider appointing him. The following morning they announced the Director of Radio as the Acting General Director.

“The Director of Radio remained in his position wanting to be confirmed the General Director but that didn’t happen. Later he blamed me for sabotaging him. You see? He doesn’t know I recommended him. He never signed my promotional documents, he discarded the idea. He is called Yaw Owusu Addo. He was my boss,” he narrated.

Despite being unfairly treated by his superordinates at the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, Amankwah Ampofo wasn’t concerned much about it.

“When I informed people about the money I received they’re startled. It’s appalling. But that didn’t affect me. I’m elated I served my country and everyone saw i worked. There a reward.”

Based on his personal experience he strongly advised the youth working in the government sector against being overly–reliance on their retirement benefits, Mr Ampofo urged them to make hay while the sun shines.

“I will based on this to advice the youth that when you work in a State Owned Enterprise (SEO), from the beginning in your youthful days, be focused on something when you leave office you’ll depend on it because if you rely on the government pension benefits that after your service you will reap bountifully. It’s not wholly true. It’s an assumption.”

The ace broadcaster, who has curved a niche for himself in the Ghanaian media space regrets not leaving the GBC to face out challenges in the journalism field.

“They threatened us with that to prevent us from looting the government’s property. So you will be stagnant. That made me stagnant for years [at the GBC]. What pained me, it doesn’t really pain me is that I stayed loyal during the emergence of TV and radio stations I was a hotcake.”

By:Bernard Ralph Adams /myxyzonline.com/Ghana News

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