‘I set Agoro questions; invited David Dontoh to host the show’ — Amankwah Ampofo

Popular broadcaster and scriptwriter, Charles Ampofo, has disclosed that he was the researcher behind Ghana’s most exciting Akan quiz game television programme, Agoro.

Famously called Amankwah Ampofo told TV XYZ’s Legends programme hosted by Agyemang Prempeh on Sunday, that he solely set the questions asked during the quiz competition divulging he brought David Dontoh on board.

The Charter House produced event was fulfilled and absolutely exciting television viewing experience while learning more about the Ghanaian culture and history.

The Akan quiz programme was first launched in 1998 and had David Dontoh (Agoroo master) and Adwoa Yeboah Adjei (Naporso Hemaa) as its hosts.

Agoro show when aired on GTV, run by the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation captivated over 200 constituencies, watched live by over 300,000 ecstatic patrons and by millions of television viewers nationwide.

Although many Ghanaians thought Mr Dontoh researched on the questions he asked on the 1990s family friendly television show, Amankwah Ampofo says it’s otherwise.

He said this in an appearance on personality-based television show which projects distinguished personalities, who have weathered through the impediments of life, and excelled in the creative, arts, and tourism industry on TV XYZ, Legends

I set the questions. Ideally, they wanted me to host the programme but I’m that person even when they write scripts for drama, I can tell who can best fit into the play. I’m that person I won’t force myself to do something because I know I can’t do it. I saw David had the charisma to host it. so I called him,” he said.

“I set the questions. The whole questions I set them,” Mr Ampofo clarified.

According to the celebrated anchorman and cultural icon, through his creative thinking birthed the catchy phrase associated with the Akan quiz game television programme.

“No, when we began Water Proof was included, and also Akwasi Ampofo Agyei. From our first episodes, questions from the day one, I set them. I even coined the slogan ‘Agorooo, Waaso Twaaaaaan’ anyone one can attest to this claim.” 

Telling how he came up with the environmental friendly questions and brain racking riddles for each episode of the show he said, “I was the researcher for Agoro. Often times we moved across the country. If we’ve to move here [Accra] to Temale, I have to know questions suitable for that jurisdiction. Sometimes I would call the DCE (District Chief Executive) in the area or someone I know in the area to enquire about certain things from them.”

Amankwah Ampofo severed as the researcher for the quiz game television programme until he felt cheated and resigned to pursue other interests.

“It was quite okay but unfortunately in Ghana here we’re someway. When it got to some point my questions I researched on some other team joined. After typing the questions they hand over my questions to me and keep the printed questions they then repeat the questions at different places without paying me for it. That made me quit.”

Agoro aired consistently on GTV for ten years.The television programme won several awards in the process. Money transfer giant Western Union sponsored throughout the decade.

By: Bernard Ralph Adams /Mypowerfmonline.com /Ghana

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