I suffered depression working with Happy FM — Dada Boat

Ghanaian born actor and media practitioner, Mikki Osei Berko, popularly called Dada Boat, says he suffered depression after leaving Radio Gold to join then newly-established Happy FM.

This, he said, is because the owner of the new radio station failed to honour a solemn promise made to him.

According to him, his decision to quit the Laterbiokorshie-based media house to join Happy FM was largely fueled by a promise he will be working with his friends and former workmates.

“What made me moved to Happy [FM] was that Kwame [Sefa Kayi] had left Radio Gold and there was a lot of issues. Fiifi Banson had also left. So I felt the people I had good relationship with had all left. Then, when Happy FM was about starting he told me he would bring Kwame and Fiifi on board. Before I agreed to work with Happy FM, there was a confirmation that Kwame is joining Happy FM,” Dada Boat recounted on Legends hosted by Agyemang Prempeh on TV XYZ.

He added, “Kinsman, the owner of Happy confirmed. I called Kwame and he told me he [Kinsman] had spoken with him and they’re discussing the deal. Fiifi apprised me they’ve sealed the deal.”

Dada Boat indicated that he was hopeful together with Kwame Sefa Kayi and Fiifi Banson they could change the phase of the Ghanaian media.

However, the inability of Happy FM to poach the two radio personalities as promised left him disappointed and depressed.

“The development made me very depressed. If I focus on something and I have passion for it but due to certain occurances it couldn’t go as I wished – I become depressed,” the veteran said.

Although he mentioned that the managerial position offer also convinced him to leave Radio Gold, he insists the unfortunate circumstance forced him to resign and leave the capital city.

“I’m very emotional, so, I decided to move out of Accra for a while. I would move to Kumasi to film the Dada Boat series Kumasi version. I tried to get to Kumasi owing the character [Dada Boat] is a Kumasi character, so, I thought why not film some of the episodes from Kumasi. I moved to Kumasi to find out how I could put things together,” he narrated

The radio personality, who goes by the moniker Master Richard intimated that upon his return he confronted the owner of the radio station.

“I met him severally and lamented about it. When I returned from Kumasi I had an altercation with him that, ‘this is how we should’ve done it’ I blamed him for causing the problem. But eventually he understood my point. He knew what he told me and God bare me witness. Perhaps, he couldn’t fulfill his promise owing Radio Gold gave me the green light to exit the radio station but Kwame and Fiifi weren’t allowed to leave.”

He stressed that, “maybe he made the efforts but it couldn’t yield results.”

By: Bernard Ralph Adams/ myxyzonline.com / Ghana

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