I want to counsel Akuapem Poloo – Counselor Oduro

Renowned relationship and marriage counselor, Mrs. Charlotte Oduro, has expressed willingness to help Rosemond Alade Brown build mental toughness following the release of the actress’ indecent photo with her son on social media

According to Counselor Oduro, the award-winning actress and video vixen needs counseling and she’s ready to offer that service.

On Tuesday, 30 June 2020, Rosemond Brown popularly called Akuapem Poloo shared a nude photo of herself kneeling before her son, who was also wearing underwear, to commemorate his 7th birthday.

Captioning the controversial photo on Instagram, Akuapem Poloo wrote, “Son today reminds me of the very day I gave birth to you with no stress and with no regret…30th June 2013 exactly 4:46 am Sunday Haha I still remember this date paa because it’s really meant a lot to me, I only felt the 30 minutes pain when you were turning to come out you were soo good to me.”

“I gave birth with no complication, no cut no disability Haha I love you son. You see how you looking at me always remember that I love you. I’m naked in front of you because this is how naked I was giving birth to you, so in case you find me naked lying somewhere don’t pass by me but rather see me as your mom who brought you to life.”

The photo has caused outrage on the internet.

Furious Ghanaians and child rights groups have berated the actress and called on authorities to bring her to book.

Speaking about the photo with ace broadcaster Agyemang Prempeh fondly known as Agyengo, Counselor Oduro wondered what could have triggered the actress to be perverse.

On the Power Entertainment show on Power 97.9FMon Saturday, 4 July 2020, she said, “With me I’m not going to judge her. I want to get her [Akuapem Poloo] one-on-one and ask her what influenced her thoughts that moment because Agyemang sometimes some of the people let social media get so much into them without thinking before they act then do a lot of mistakes. I think even the mother needs a special time to be talked to then we take the child through to help the child too. That is my mind.”

“I can’t fathom what would let a mother to go that extent. We’ve allowed social media to take our intelligence and respect. I don’t know how to put it. I don’t have to go naked before my child knows I suffered to deliver him or her. Every mother has a certain pain she endured before delivering her child. If the child would grow up and be responsible and take care of his or her parents it depends on how you brought him or her up. But if you’re able to go naked for your son to see it that age his mind is not that strong.”

What are you giving to him? What kind of foundation are you giving the boy?” Counselor Oduro wondered.

“You might think he belongs to you. It’s your child’s birthday if you want to go naked for your son it shouldn’t be public. It’s for your son whatever inspiration to you’ve you could’ve gone naked in your room and tell your son baby, “you know mummy has gone through a lot and anytime [when] you grow I will always remind you to be a responsible boy and grow up to be a better person” this is between the two of you even that you should’ve to go naked then social media.”

“The world is watching. This is on record your child will grow and this can destroy your son. The child’s mentality what’d he grow up with? What inspiration will he get? He’ll not even respect nakedness again because even the mother has shown the world to see. So there are some children who bully woman because their upbring and early life they saw nakedness. It doesn’t mean anything you can just do it anyhow, what kind of future do we want our kids to grow up and meet.”

Asked what she woukd tell Akuapem Poloo when she meets her, she indicated that she’ll find out why she took such photo before she reprimands her.

She said, “First of all, I will ask if she understands nakedness. Today, we’ve put aside Christianity and do what we like, those days it’s difficult for a lady to show parts of her body to the public. It was so hard but these days people think nakedness is what will bring them money. They’re not helping. Someone has exchanged her nakedness for car, house, contract, etc, so we think maybe that’s the easiest to also make way but I’m asking [telling] you good name is better than riches.”

“So I will sit her down to know sister “you’ve committed the biggest mistake but I’d want to give you a chance to explain to me the reason why you did this and perhaps out of her explanation Id be able to address the issue with her. “Maame, you don’t have to do what someone else has done for the future sake. We don’t see today,  see tomorrow the effect on you and your child. I’d love to talk to her but not to judge her but to talk to her after her explanation then any rebuke I have to give her I will and also advice her because the Bible says rebuke then console. So, I want to understand why she’d do that and then I’ll have a chance to advice and rebuke her,” she added.

Meanwhile, Akuapem Poloo in a video on Instagram has since apologised for her post.

“I want to say that I’m so sorry if I hurt anyone with my post this morning and also want you to know that I had no bad intentions, was just trying to send a message out there.”

Source: Mypowerfmonline.com/Ghana

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